Holdrege Nebraska's Premier Aerospace Event
KDHE Brewster Field • June 14th & 15th, 2013

History was made in Holdrege, Nebraska on the weekend of June 14th and 15th, 2014 at K.D.H.E. Brewster Field. Thousands of people traveled from miles around to attend this special event filled with fun for the entire family. Featuring everything from classic warbirds, showcats, parachuters, stunts and even airplanes racing cars.

The Holdrege Air Show's performer roster was packed with legendary acts including Gene Soucy a.k.a. Mr. Airshow, Teresa Stokes, Harry Barr, Larry Lumpkin, Jessy Panzer, Rob Ator and Doug Roth. Plus we had Howard Nitzel, the midwest’s greatest airshow announcer, narrating all the action. All of these elements added up to one amazing experience.

If you were there you know it was unforgettable. However, if you missed out on the action, it's all good. This is the new era. We have computers, phones, tablets, etc. So bookmark this website and show your friends the photos and videos from the 2013 Holdrege Air Show.

You never know, the Holdrege Air Show may return in 2018 with even more excitement and action. Special thanks to all our area sponsors for making this event great.